About Us

Wine Connoisseur, the “Vinogger”

I am not a trained wine professional, but instead a California girl living in San Francisco who loves to travel and drink wine.  In my opinion  travel,  food, wine and other tasty beverages enhance life and make it more enjoyable.

I am entirely self educated when it comes to food wine & spirits (though my grandfather was a liquor/wine distributor).  I read a lot about food and wine,  attend food and wine events and tastings and sample lots of food and wines.  Those I like, I write about, it’s that simple.  The same goes for other beverages.

I also love to travel  I have been to every continent except Antarctica and am always up for  a new adventure.  I have traveled on a shoestring enjoyed luxurious 5 star accommodations and done everything in between.

With this blog I hope to share my knowledge of and passion for food,  wine and travel  in order to help make travel and drinking wine more accessible, enjoyable and less intimidating for others and also to educate myself and others on amazing places to travel and noteworthy wine, beer and spirits and their pairings with food.

As a new mom, I am also excited to find family friendly ways to enjoy food, travel and wine and make life as a mom easier & more fulfilling!

I am happy to answer questions about wine, food and travel , hear about upcoming food and wine events and to listen to suggestions of topics to cover on my blog, or receive suggestions about places I should travel and food and wines you think I might enjoy.

You can reach me at [email protected]