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I like to drink wine. I suppose maybe it’s because I grew up with it.  My mom and dad always had wine with dinner, living in California, it was the norm. I personally did not start drinking wine until I spent my junior year of college studying in Italy. In Italy, wine was inexpensive in fact in the 90’s you could buy a bottle of wine for as much as a bottle of water.

I remember sitting in our apartment at Via Montecengio  in Padova drinking Frizzante wine that was only $2 a bottle and it was actually good wine. When I threw a party for my 21st birthday (in Italy you throw your own b-day parties) my sister came shopping with me and we had a cart full of wine. I distinctly remember her asking isn’t this too much wine?  No I said, it will get finished.  Not only did we finish the wine but my friend Elsa went home and raided her dad’s cellar so we could have more and seriously you can never have too much wine!

Drinking wine is an experience, it’s social and brings people together.  It can help set the mood, enhance food and help you relax.  Over the years I have learned about wine by drinking a lot of it and by attending tastings and various wine events and also by traveling around the world.

Friends often come to me seeking advice on what wine to buy, how to taste wine and also for advice on travel so I decided to start this blog to discuss good wines I have tasted, amazing places I have traveled and to share information about great places to travel,  fun wine events to attend and also to discuss different wines and wine regions.

In my opinion, the best way to learn about wine is to drink it and the best way to experience the world is to travel and see  it

Happy travels and salut!