Planning A Bachelorette Weekend In Napa

If you love wine and are celebrating your last days as a single girl or guy or if you are planning a bachelorette celebration for a wine loving friend then I highly recommend planning a get together in wine country.

Everyone loves beautiful countryside, good food and of course great wine and if everyone attending does not already know each other, by the end of the weekend’s festivities they certainly will.

Recently I had some good friends plan me a wonderful fun filled bachelorette weekend which I will always cherish.  One of my friends parents owns a gorgeous wine country home in Napa just above the Silverado Trail so that was our base of operations.   A few of us headed up Friday after work for drinks and food at a couple of bars in town including Bounty Hunter and Downtown Joe’s, both Napa institutions and fun places to hang out and meet the locals.

Saturday morning 6 girls met up for breakfast at the house.  A limo then arrived and took us wine tasting.  We started at Domaine Chandon because every celebration must start with some bubbly.  We then visited Honig where although it was December we were able to sit outside and enjoy glorious California sunshine and great wine. Our third stop of the day was at Corison where we tasted amazing Cabernets in a beautiful room upstairs overlooking the vineyards. Our final wine tasting stop of the day was at Cornerstone tasting room downtown in Yountville. 

After a few hours of tasting, we regrouped at the house toasting with some tasty Handley Cellars Sparkling Wine and enjoying some snacks before going out to a yummy dinner at Angele, one of my favorite Napa restaurants.

Sunday we woke up late had a lazy breakfast and ended the weekend with massage and pedicures at Greenhaus Day Spa in Napa. What an amazing way to celebrate getting married and spend quality time with girlfriends before the last push and all the crazy details in the month counting down to my wedding day.

If you want to plan such a celebration, I highly recommend it. To make the most of it, consider getting a limo for the day so no one has to worry about driving.   Also be sure to bring water and snacks to keep everyone hydrated and prevent anyone from getting too inebriated.  When planning your route for the day, find out what kind of wine the honored guest likes so you can tailor your stops to suit his or her palate.  For example, I love sparkling wine and big reds.  Be sure to call and arrange a tasting for your group in advance so the wineries expect you and can accommodate your group.  Also, try to negotiate discounts such as getting the guest of honor a free tasting or look online for coupons or tasting discounts.  To add a festive air. consider having the bride or groom wear a tiara or special hat and have everyone in attendance wear something as well.  For accomodations,  book a hotel or find a house to rent or see if anyone attending has access to a house or place to stay in the area you are planning your weekend.

As long as you take into account the preferences of your guest of honor and poll those who plan to attend about what they are interested in doing and what they are willing to spend, you are sure to provide a fun and memorable weekend that your guest of honor will appreciate, I certainly did!

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