6 Thanksgiving Wine Picks from CA Under $20

The components of a traditional  Thankgiving  dinner are typically quite diverse and usually include turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry and pumpkin pie, therefore it is a bit difficult to find just one wine to complement all of these diverse flavors  but there’s really no need to stick with just one wine.  Because the Thanksgiving meal usually includes lots of friends and family it is a perfect excuse to try and buy several different wines.  Consider asking each of your guests to bring a bottle of wine to share and that way you can taste a lot of different wines or select a few for your guests to try and vote on your favorites.

 I recommend finding American made wines to compliment your Thasnksgiving meal, after all Thanksgiving is an American holiday.  And, because I am a California native,  I have selected 6 California wine picks under $20 to recommend for you this Thanksgiving.  The wines come from  Mendocino, Sonoma, Andrseon Valley, Redwood Valley, Lake County and Lodi.

1. Rack & Riddle North Coast Brut $20  Thanksgiving is a celebration so sparkling wine is a great choice.  To stand up to your Thanksgiving meal you will want  a sparkling wine that is dry rather than sweet.  Rack & Riddle in Hopland makes an amazing North Coast Brut that’s only $20.  It’s got nice creaminess, a great mouth feel and is perfect to toast family friends and all the things you are grateful for

2. Handley Cellars 2012 Gewurztraminer $18  For white wine you want acidity to compliment your food.   Handley Cellars in Anderson Valley makes a great dry  Gewurtztraminer  that’s $18 it has a nice  balance of acidity and spicy tropical flavors that white wine drinkers will really enjoy

 3.  Cline 2012 Rose Mourvedre $14  My personal favorite for Thanksgiving is a Rose. I prefer a Rose of Pinot Noir,  Syrah or Mourvedre,  that way you have the lightness of a white but the structure of a red.  Cline Cellar’s Rose Mourvedre is dry with nice fruit, spice and vanilla flavors and will stand up well to all the elements of your Thanksgiving meal.

 4. Barra 2010 Pinot Noir $20  If you want a red you are best to go with an light earthy Pinot Noir.    Barra of Mendocino makes a great Pinot Noir that is an amazing value at $20 it has lovely ripe berry flavors rounded with nice hints of clove spice and should keep red wine lovers happy.

5. Gregory Graham 2008 Crimson Hill  Syrah  $20  Another red wine option is Syrah.  Gregoary Graham of Lake County makes a nice fruity Syrah that is balanced with mocha herb and spice notes giving the wine nice structure  and complexity.  It is a great pick for wine lovers who want a bigger wine but one that won’t overpower their Thanksgiving spread.

6. Klinker Brick 2011 Old Vine Zinfandel $19 Finally, if you want a big bold red, I suggest you go with  Zinfandel.  Klinker Brick of Lodi makes a big bold Zinfandel that’s powerful and full of berry flavors but has nice balance.

Whatever wines you choose for your meal,  I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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