4 Tips for Picking a Thanksgiving Wine

Thanksgiving generally means turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, so what wine will make a good pairing and compliment a traditional Thanksgiving meal?  To be perfectly honest there is no one wine that will pair perfectly with all of the different and diverse flavors of Thanksgiving but there are many wines that will not detract from the meal and if selected carefully can enhance it.

1.  Because turkey is delicate, if you want a red you are best to go with an light earthy Pinot Noir, a slightly peppery Syrah or if you want a bolder red, go with  Zinfandel. The key is to select a wine that is balanced and does not have a lot of tannins. 

2.  For a white, consider a Riesling, Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer. You want something with nice balance and acidity to complement the food and it’s better to go dry than sweet

3.  My personal favorite for Thanksgiving is a Rose. I prefer a Rose of Pinot Noir,  Syrah or Mourvedre,  that way you have the lightness of a white but the structure of a red.

4.  If you want to try something unique and different consider an Orange Wine or a sparkling wine. Bubbles are great with everything and help capture the celebratory nature of the Thanksgiving meal, opt for brut or dry sparkling over sweet as it will stand up better to food

Hopefully these tips will help you to pick a wine that will make your Thanksgiving meal a success!   The most important thing to remember is to drink what you like.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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One Response to “4 Tips for Picking a Thanksgiving Wine”

  1. Matt Rinkerman says on :

    I always like Riesling and Grenache mainly from Spain now with the Thanksgiving. I have a few roses I need to try so I will then.