Uncorked Wine Tasting Ghirardelli

Yesterday was Ghirardelli’s annual wine tasting event called Uncorked. An outdoor wine tasting with music, vendors and cooking demonstrations that is a benefit for La Cocina. Uncorked is always a good time, especially when the weather is nice. Last year it was so hot I only tasted white wine, this year it was windy and a bit cool so I only tasted the red wines.

Within Ghirardelli Square itself there were wineries that are part of the 360 Collective an on site tasting room . On Jefferson Street, below the square with a lovely view of acquatic park were other sponsor wineries and vendors. Sadly missing this year was Cost Plus who usually has yummy samples and coupons for their store (last year they had my favorite English candy bar called Crunchie)

This year, the crowd appeared much younger than in years past. There were lots of people in their twenties and many novice or new wine drinkers. There also was a Sudwerk beer tent which had a line the entire event. The beauty of wine events though is that you typically get a mix of younger and older people and those who know about wine and those who don’t.

The wineries that poured were a mix of small production family vineyards and corporate owned wineries and there were wines at all price points from entry level to high end.

A new winery that I discovered was Berryessa Gap in Winters. A family owned winery with lots of varietals at good value. Their Tempranillo and Zinfandel won medals at the SF Chronicle Wine Tasting this year but in my opinion their best wine was the 2006 Petite Syrah at $16 a bottle. Fruity with a hint of earthiness, this wine was full bodied and really delivered.

Benovia was another family owned winery. Benovia is on the Russian River. They are only on their third production of wine and are pretty small making just 2500-3000 cases a year They poured a well balanced Pinot Noir that was $45 a bottle and was in the true Russian River style of Pinot Noir.

Vitus from Napa poured an 06 and an 07 Cabernet Sauvignon. The 06 was $60 a bottle and the 07 $45. I prefered the 07 finding it to have a nice melange of flavors and a good finish which should only get better with age.

Deerfield Ranch from Sonoma uses grapes from organic and sustainable vineyards. They had a large selection of wines and they were poured by a funny and polite southern guy. Although he told me they were best know for their Zinfandel, my favorite of their wines was their 2005 Cabernet at $35 a bottle. They also had a Merlot Cuvee at $26 which was fruity, and earthy with body and an 06 Red Blend called Red Rex at $28 which provided an interesting mix of flavors on the palate.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon spent outside drinking wine with friends. Last year it was too hot and this year it was too cold, so hopefully next year will be just right?

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  1. Frank says on :

    I really like wine. I remember the first time I tried some when I was just 11 years old. My mom let me taste a bit of her red on Thankgiving. Right then and there I became a wine drinker. lol I would guess that I have tried quite a few hundred different wines over the years. It’s kind of fun tasting a new one and learning about how and where it was grown. I’ve been thinking about checking out a wine club lately and I’ve been thinking about this 4 Seasons club. Have you had any experience with it, or would you recommend any other wine tasting club?

  2. venivedibevi says on :

    Hi Frank

    I do not know about the club you mentioned but most wineiries have monthly shipments if you join their wine club. I suggest instead finding a good wine/liquor store and letting the owner know what you like so he can help personally select wines for you to your taste as opposed to monthly shipments of things you may not want or like.


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