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April Wine Events

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Spring is here, there are buds breaking on the vines, and after some much needed rain, vineyards are starting to grown.  As we head into April next week, there are some amazing food & wine events this month definitely worth checking out.   The events span San Francisco, Calistoga, Napa & Sonoma and take place at wineries, resorts, the CIA and Mercedes-Benz […]

Hungarian Wine

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Blue DanubeWine Company is an importer focusing on the wines of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. On 3/18/14, I participated in a winechat and tasting on Twitter hosted by Protocol Wine Studio focusing on Hungarian Wine. The tasting focused on three traditional Hungarian grape varietals Kadarka, Furmint & Olasrizling. Wine has been made in Hungary since […]

Lodi Wine & Cheese Pairings

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Wine has been grown in Lodi since around the time of the Gold Rush and today there are still many multi-generational winegrowers and winemakers . In fact, when you talk to the winegrowers and winemakers of Lodi you often hear passion and a sense of pride about the history of the region and their family’s […]

Is a $15 bottle of wine three times as good as a $5 bottle?

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I am often asked by friends, “how much should I pay for a nice bottle of wine” and my answer is typically, “whatever you are willing to spend.”  So that inevitably leads to another question, “if I pay more for a bottle of wine will it be better?” and the answer to that is, “it […]