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Malbec, the Pride of Argentina

Posted on April 16th, 2021 by Jeff Roberts  |  No Comments »

Jeff Roberts 4/25/2021 Malbec is a deep dark purple colored grape that originated in the southwest of France and is one of 5 varietals used in Bordeaux blends.As a varietal, Malbec has generally not done well growing in French climate and has been susceptible to rot and pests.  In France, 100% Malbec is only made […]

Why You Should Travel Internationally

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A US passport is valid for 10 years and according to US State Department statistics, 133,959,114  passports issued in the last 10 years. Using the Census Bureau calculation of the 2013 total population for the United States of 316,128,839 and dividing that by the number of US passports issued for the last 10 years, means that […]