St. Francis Winery Food & Wine Pairing

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St. Francis is a Certified Sustainable, family-owned winery that has been making wine in Sonoma County for over 40 years.  St Francis winery is in a beautiful setting and they are dedicated to preserving the environment using solar energy and environmentally sound business practices including water conservation, recycling and use of eco-friendly packaging to preserve […]

Rinascimento Rising

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Here in the Unites States we are fortunate to be able to buy and enjoy wines from around the world thus allowing us to travel to various countries in the comfort of our own home via our wine glass.   This is often made possible by importers who seek out overseas producers build relationships with […]

Why You Should Travel Internationally

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A US passport is valid for 10 years and according to US State Department statistics, 133,959,114  passports issued in the last 10 years. Using the Census Bureau calculation of the 2013 total population for the United States of 316,128,839 and dividing that by the number of US passports issued for the last 10 years, means that […]

Hudson Valley Wine

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For the month of August I was invited to learn about the Hudson Valley wine region and taste wines from three wineries in the region as part of #Winestudio.  #Winestudio is an online twitter-based educational program hosted by Protocol Wine Studio. Every month #Winestudio participants engage their brains and palates tasting wines while discussing wine producers, […]

Summer of Riesling

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Riesling is a white wine varietal originally from Germany known for it’s floral aromas and high acidity.  Riesling is often a favorite among Sommeliers and wine geeks due to its extreme versatility and food friendliness. People often think Riesling is  sweet but this is not necessarily true, Riesling can run from very sweet to very […]

The Best foods at San Francisco’s Outside Lands

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    San Francisco is a food lovers paradise with lots of great food options in restaurants, pop up markets and food trucks so it should be no surprise that Outside Lands, an annual  music festival in Golden Gate Park, is full of amazing food and drink options that go way beyond traditional festival food. […]

Hyland Estates Wine from Oregon

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Hyland Estates is located in the Willamette Valley of  Oregon in the foothills of the coastal range.  The winery is part of the McMinniville AVA has been around since 1970 and is one of the oldest vineyards in the Willamette Valley.  Based on their location, the vineyards have cool maritime air every evening resulting in […]

The Independent Spirit: Unique Wine from Vermont & Wisconsin

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    The United States is the fourth largest wine producing country in the world after France Italy and Spain.  According to Wines & Vines Analytics, as of June 2014 there were a total of 7,946 wineries in the United States.  Not surprisingly, California produces 89% of  American wine and has 3,782 wineries  but wine […]

Why Wine Blogs Matter

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Vinogger In this day and age of the internet and social media, people often want advice and opinions from people they know. There certainly is some value in educating oneself with information from experts but there also is value in hearing what those you know and trust have to say. The internet is the main […]

Wines of Hungary & Slovenia

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  Have  you ever wondered how wines from overseas are brought to the United States for consumers to taste and enjoy?   The wines don’t just magically appear on store shelves instead they are specially selected and brought to the United States by importers who seek out wines of amazing quality that they want to […]