This week’s destination, Hungary for cabbage rolls

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My mother in law was born in Hungary so this week I decided we’d travel there for our weekly shelter in place destination so my son could learn a bit about his heritage and so my husband could eat one of his favorite foods, cabbage rolls. Like in past weeks, we started our visit by […]

Poland and Pierogis

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This weekend’s shelter in place destination, Poland. My son and I pulled up a world map and I showed him where Poland was in relation to San Francisco where we live. We then looked at a map of the country of Poland and some pictures of boats on the Vistula River and castles. If my […]

Forza Italia, when you can’t travel to Italy, bring Italy to you

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These are unusual times we are living in to say the least………  As I write this, we are sheltered in place in San Francisco due to the Corona Virus.  Schools are closed and so during the week my husband and I are working remotely and entertaining our almost 5 year old the best we can […]

Fun ways to celebrate Valentines Day whether you’re single, in a relationship or have kids

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Valentines Day is a celebration of love and not only romantic love. Its a day to celebrate those you have in your life who you love and cherish. If you have a partner or a lover then its common practice to get or give chocolates or flowers or champagne and a sappy card and perhaps […]

Prosecco translates to Delicious Bubbles

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Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine made from the Glera grape.  Prosecco gets is bubbles from secondary fermentation in a steel tank also called the Charmat method.  To be classified as Prosecco a wine must be at least 85% Glera, the remaining 15% can be Pinot Blanco, Pinot Grigo, Perera, Verdiso or Bianchetta Trevigina. The Glera […]

Magical Maui, A Great Spot for a Family Vacation

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I love to travel and especially enjoy exotic destinations but now, I have a child to consider when making travel plans and at 17 months, that child is very curious,  running and walking everwhere and probably not capable of long haul flights just yet.  So, for our first post baby vacation,  my husband and I […]

Sonoma Rosé perfect for summer and the rest of the year too

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J Roberts September 2019 Rosé wine used to get a bad wrap from serious wine drinkers. I am not sure if that is because of its pink color or because in the U.S. the rosé that was available was often not of the highest quality, but these days there are some amazing Rosé wines worth […]

10 Tips for Traveling with a Child

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Travelling with a child can be a challenge especially when you are on a long flight.   Here are 10 tried and true tips to help get you and your child to your destination with ease. 1. Bring a stroller and gate check it  All airlines allow free gate check of a stroller so this will […]

Malbec, the Pride of Argentina

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J Roberts November 2018 Malbec is a deep dark purple colored grape that originated in the southwest of France and is one of 5 varietals used in Bordeaux blends.As a varietal, Malbec has generally not done well growing in French climate and has been susceptible to rot and pests.  In France, 100% Malbec is only […]

Santa Barbara Wine featuring Kessler Haak Vineyard, La Montagne Winery & Tercero Wines

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    Phil Carpenter is a true believer and lover of Santa Barbara wines and under his guidance and that of Tina Morey of Protocol Winestudio I was introduced to Dan Kessler from Kessler-Haak Vineyard and Wines, Kimberly Smith of La Montagne Winery and Larry Schaffer of Tercero Wines and had the opportunity to taste […]