Why Wine Blogs Matter

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Vinogger In this day and age of the internet and social media, people often want advice and opinions from people they know. There certainly is some value in educating oneself with information from experts but there also is value in hearing what those you know and trust have to say. The internet is the main […]

Wines of Hungary & Slovenia

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  Have  you ever wondered how wines from overseas are brought to the United States for consumers to taste and enjoy?   The wines don’t just magically appear on store shelves instead they are specially selected and brought to the United States by importers who seek out wines of amazing quality that they want to […]

Food & Wine Pairing

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  The key to pairing food and wine is to pick a wine that enhances the taste of the food you are eating. Red wine with meat and white wine with fish are a good general rule of thumb to follow but there are exceptions. For example, I love Pinot Noir with Salmon and if […]

Casey Flat Ranch, Amazing Wine from Remote Capay Valley AVA

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    The Capay Valley AVA borders Napa County, Lake County, and Colusa County. If you’ve never heard of Capay Valley it’s because it’s still fairly new to wine making having only obtained AVA status in 2002.   The area is full of olive trees and fruit orchards but there are not a lot of […]

Cairdean Estate Vineyards, a new winery in St. Helena

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  Husband and wife team Edwin and Stacia Williams have recently opened Cairdean Estate Vineyards in St. Helena.  Stacia makes the wine and Edwin handles the business side of things including vineyard operations.  Stacia was in the software industry and Edwin was an aerospace engineer but they have now jumped head first into the wine […]

Finger Lakes Wine

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The Finger Lakes wine region is located just south of Lake Ontario in Central New York.   The four main lakes of the Finger Lakes AVA include Canandaigua Lake, Keuka Lake, Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake.  The large deep water lakes of this region were carved out by glaciers and the soil deposits surrounding the […]

Wines of Le Marche

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Le Marche is located in central Italy between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine mountains along the Adriatic coast on the eastern side of the country.  Pronounced lay MAHR-kay, this region of Italy is often described as unspoiled or “authentic Italy” There are still not a lot of tourists in Le marche but there are […]

Lodi Native

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You often hear the term terroir with reference to wine. Terroir references where a wine is grown including the geography, geology  climate and type of soil  Terroir impacts the flavor of the grapes and therefore the taste of the wine produced from those grapes. Certain regions of the world are famous because of their terroir and […]

Piattelli Vineyard Eco-Friendly Wines

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In honor of Earth Day, I was invited to participate in a #BevChat on Twitter hosted by Crave Local and Piatelli USA.   As part of the discussion, Piattelli’s Argentinan winemaker Valeria Antolin shared the Eco-friendly practices used by the winery in the growth and production of their wines.   Piattelli Vineyard practices sustainable farming and their […]

Amazing Food & Wine in Picturesque St. Helena

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bASH is an annual food and wine pairing competition put on by Appellation St. Helena, the St Helena Chamber of commerce and the Culinary institute of America at Greystone which is located in St. Helena.  Hosted by the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, the event showcases the amazing wines of St. Helena paired with […]